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The long-awaited Croatian Digital Nomad Visa has arrived! Although it is not a visa but rather a permit — a temporary residence permit, allowing non-EU citizens to stay in Croatia for a year. You can apply for the Croatian digital nomad visa at a police station or an embassy near you.

The buzz around the “visa” started in August 2020 after a conversation between a Dutch entrepreneur Jan de Jong and the Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković. Immediately after the meeting, the PM’s office tweeted their intention to become a digital nomad friendly country.

Changes made…

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Today, the people of Makarska Riviera depend on beach tourism and the sea, but what defines them is the mountain. Our historical hike in Tučepi will demonstrate why.

The mountain Biokovo, the giant backdrop hovering over the coast, is the answer to all your questions about Makarska: why the sun shines here when it is raining everywhere else, why the beaches are so long and beautiful, why winter winds blow with such vigour.

Until recently only a few families fished, but most of them lived off the land — and the best and most fertile soil…

The Law on Foreigners was adopted by the Croatian Parliament last week only two months after the prime minister Andrej Plenkovic tweeted that Croatia would be the second country in Europe to be issuing Digital Nomad Visas. But it is still not clear what exactly you will need for the Croatian Digital Nomad Visa.

This news has sparked interest among the global digital nomad community, which is eagerly anticipating requirements for the visa. The main question being: Will there be a minimum income?

Minimum income

Estonia, who introduced the Digital Nomad Visa back in August, is allegedly the example Croatia is following…

Originally published on digitalnomadscroatia.com

Is the digital nomad visa in Croatia becoming a reality? It seems so.

Beginning of August this year Estonia was first in the EU to issue a visa for remote workers living in the country but employed by foreign companies. Unlike similar visas issued by Germany and the Czech Republic, this visa does not require a ton of paperwork and assures a one-year residency in the country without any headaches.

Croatia decided to follow this example. Or at least, this is the rumour. Croatia does not issue these visas yet, nor has the Parlament discussed it.

Enthusiasm is life!

Without joy, you are as good as a dead man walking. Harsh but true. You find yourself heartlessly doing your daily routine, breathing air, fueling your body — staying on life support, but not living.

What is the best path to joy?


Are we not already free?

Freedom comes in all shapes and forms. Look around yourself. This year has wreaked havoc, and some people are affected directly. They lost their jobs or someone, or they become ill themselves.

Most people haven’t been affected directly, but are still walking around like empty gazed zombies. …

Going to Croatia? 6 historical facts you should know!

In one of the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones, Khaleesi stands on a bottom of a steep mountain surrounded by her dragons. She is giving a speech to her army with a breathtaking view of a Mediterranean coast behind her back.

I had to pause. I recognized my town in the background. The VE removed all the houses digitally, but it was the town I grew up in.

While tourist strategies from other European countries, such as Italy and Greece, lean on their rich history, Croatia is tapping into the history of Westeros.

An already stunning city of Dubrovnik…

While the United States still haven’t reached the peak of the first wave of the Coronavirus, Croatia is preparing for the tourist season.

Private renters are vacuuming their apartments after the winter break, hotels are filling up their swimming pools, and restaurants are preparing their menus. But nobody knows if anybody is coming.

Croatia had one of the strictest measures in Europe, as a result, it is a step away from winning the first battle against COVID-19, but the battle for the tourist season is just starting.

The country’s economy depends on tourism and this summer will determine just how…

Be efficient, be productive, be a better person, be the WINNER!

All titles of articles which offer hacks to help you become a better person by not wasting time.

And they sure do work. Life seems like a video game in which you need to tame the creature called time to fight the beast called procrastination and become THE WINNER OF LIFE!

At the same time, they are blinkers helping life pass right by.

Maybe we should start wasting time and stop wasting our life.

Don’t get me wrong, some of these life hacks helped me a lot in turning…

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Imagine Google was your high school crush, and you want them to notice you. You do a bit of SEO magic and Google won’t be able to resist you. In other words you should optimize your blog post so Google will index it and hopefully rank it high enough for people to notice. And here are some ways to do it


Find out which keywords concerning your topic are the most popular on Google. Decide on one main keyword and a couple more related keywords. Put them all in a Keyword spreadsheet and keep track of how often you use them and how well they rank.


No, this is not about your diet, this is about your content. Now when you know your keywords, it is time to use them. It is very important not to clutter the article, but to let them appear naturally in the text. These kind of tricks don’t fool Google nor the readers.

However, without keywords…

If you are visiting Berlin you are probably going straight to Berghain, and there is a big chance (let’s be honest) they won’t let you in. But hey, waiting in that line is also a story to tell your grandchildren. So there you are, with your friends eager to experience the famous Berlin party life with a stamp “loser” written across your soul. You need some cool and cheap bars in Friedrichshain? (that’s where you are if you didn’t know)

Berghain and RAW are situated in Friedrichshain. Not many tourists know this because it is impossible to pronounce, spell or…

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